Funding Secured for New Jacksonville Senior Center

I am so pleased to share that not only will a new Dulaney and a like new Towson be funded in the FY23 budget, there will also be funding for a new Jacksonville Senior Center.

There are so many seniors wanting to use the current center that a new Senior center is warranted in Jacksonville. Once built, the current building will be used for athletics and recreation for all ages.

I came into office campaigning on better recreational facilities and improvements in our aging schools. Four years into this term, working together, we have secured these commitments in all areas of the district. New ballfields are coming to Northern Baltimore County with significant investments at Cromwell Valley Park and Oregon Ridge. New senior centers are coming to Hereford and Jacksonville. And significant school construction is planned for Carney, Towson and Dulaney along with much overdue road resurfacing.

More details can be found on the website.