Councilman Kach to Place 731 Acres of Prime and Productive Farmland into Land Preservation

Councilman Kach to Place 731 Acres of Prime and Productive Farmland into Land Preservation

As your Councilman, I have made it a priority to preserve green and open space. As you know, during the 2016 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process, I used my power of zoning to preserve over 1000 acres in established communities through the Neighborhood Commons designation.

 I am proud to report that I have sponsored a resolution appropriating County and State funds to place, with the consent of property owners, an additional 731 acres in rural North County in preservation.  This is a priority because agricultural North County provides an abundance of food for our area. In addition, Preservation of this kind also limits dangerous runoff that threatens the reservoirs which provide much of the drinking water for the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

I wish to express my profound appreciation to the property owners in Northern Baltimore County who have already donated their development rights and to those who have agreed to have their development rights purchased by the State of Maryland and Baltimore County.  These actions will help to ensure that the north county remains preserved, rural and agricultural and that our drinking water remains safe and clean.

The Land Preservation program in Baltimore County has already preserved 64,000 acres of prime and productive land in Northern Baltimore County. The 731 acres that would be added will get us closer to the County’s goal of 80,000 acres.

There will be a work session on this resolution at 2pm on January 30th, and the final vote will take place at 6pm on February 5th. On behalf of the Third District, I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to the property owners who chose to participate in this program.

~ Wade