Councilman Kach’s *Preliminary* FY24 Budget Request to County Executive Johnny Olszewski

1. Continue to invest in public safety and incentivize police living in the communities they serve. Fill vacancies in our police department with the most competent and effective officers by offering salaries higher than jurisdictions within 200 miles. Government’s primary responsibility is public safety. We must get ahead of our growing crime problem.
2. Due to poor academic performance, measurable and significant, this County in conjunction with the school system, must work to provide remedial educational assistance to underperforming students.
3. Establish an independent Department of Agriculture headquartered at the Baltimore County Agricultural Center to support the agricultural industry in Baltimore County. Reestablish a meaningful role for farmers in the planning and running of agricultural programs at the County Ag Center.
5. Expansion of services needed at Baltimore County Animal Services. Serious consideration must be given to a Private/Public partnership (similar to the one that exists between BARCS and Baltimore City).

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