Urgent Call to Action Regarding the Maryland Racing Commission

To all of the residents and families from District 3 of Baltimore County,

Below you will find a letter from Wade to the Executive Director of the Maryland Racing Commission, regarding what Wade believes to be an effort to evade public input on the highly controversial issue of adding an off-site betting facility to the Timonium Fairgrounds. Just last week, Wade learned of plans to hold a public input meeting with almost no notice on the issue of adding an off-site betting facility to the Maryland State Fairgrounds. As a representative of this community for more than forty years, Wade knows that this is an issue community members have long objected to and have much to say regarding. Wade requests that you as neighbors and residents educate yourselves on the issue below and immediately contact interested parties at the provided contact information to join the effort to postpone this meeting. This is an issue that is at the heart of our family focused community, and Wade intends to do everything in his power to ensure that your voices and concerns are able to be heard on this important and divisive issue. And please share this information with your neighbors so that their voices might also be heard. You can review an agenda for the proposed meeting here. 

As always, Wade welcomes your feedback via email, social media, or in the comments section available below.

Michael Hopkins – Executive Director Maryland Racing Commission

Call his office at: 410-296-9682

Email him here: Mike.hopkins@maryland.gov

Governor Larry Hogan

Call his office at: 410-974-3901

Email him via the following link: CONTACT GOVERNOR HOGAN

Kelly M. Schultz – Secretary, Maryland State Dept. of Labor, Licensing, & Regulation

Call her office here: 410-230-6388

Email her here: kelly.schultz@maryland.gov


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