Update on Baltimore County Water Outage

Fall Colors at Prettyboy Dam
Fall Colors at Prettyboy Dam

12:20 pm –

Baltimore County Government continues to monitor the status of the repairs to the water main break on York Road in Hunt Valley. The repairs are being made by the Baltimore City Water Department who has responsibility for the water main. Any questions about those repairs should be made to the Baltimore City Water Department at 410-396-5352.

Residents affected by the water main break that are in need of potable water, can bring their own containers to the Baltimore County Fire Station #17 – Texas located at 9835 York Road in Cockeysville.  There will be an unattended hose located on the parking lot side of the station that can be used.


12:30 pm –

From The City of Baltimore, Department of Public Works

The pumping station at the Mays Chapel reservoir shut down because the reservoir drained too low. We’ve since been able to pump water up from Towson and are working to get the pumping station there restarted.
There are a lot of moving pieces to this water main break!


12:50 pm –

Press release from Baltimore City:
Repairs to 20-Inch Water Transmission Main Break on York Road Underway
Customers Affected by Main Break Advised to Conserve Water

Contractors for Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) are working to repair a broken 20-inch water transmission main located at 13801 York Road in northern Baltimore County.
Work was slowed on Monday, June 20, due to the presence of a high-pressure gas main near the water main. Crews were able to expose the broken water main shortly before noon on June 21 in order to begin replacing that portion of the pipe. Work will continue as efficiently and safely as possible until the fix is secure and we are able to begin recharging the main with water.
As a result of the main break DPW has received multiple reports from area residents of water outages and low water pressure. Water levels in two holding tanks in the area – one in Sparks and one in Mays Chapel – have also fallen as a result of the main break.
DPW crews were able to refill the Mays Chapel reservoir by pumping water from Towson. They are now working to restart the pumping station at the reservoir in order to restore service to that area.
Once the York Road water main is repaired it will take additional time for the water main and the water tower in Sparks to fill with water and for water service to be fully restored.
Customers in the affected areas are advised to:
• Use water only as necessary by limiting washing machine and dishwasher use and flushing toilets.
• Do not do outside watering, car washing, power washing etc.
• Customers who have lost water service should allow water to run through a sink or tub faucet, until it is clear, once service is restored. DPW will also open fire hydrants to clear the water lines.

Further updates will be released as they become available.