Legislative Updates on Bills 65-15 & 66-15

Autumn Color in Gunpowder State Park, MD.

Recently, I called on each of you to reach out and urge support for these two Bills, both of which were up for final reading and vote last week. I can’t thank you enough for your support over these past weeks. Some of those efforts paid off, while others haven’t yet, but I remain optimistic.

Bill 66-15 | Neighborhood Commons Overlay District

I drafted this Bill with the aim of preserving more open spaces within our community, particularly in areas typically under served by areas of open space.

This billed passed with a unanimous vote on October 5, 2015 at the Baltimore County Council Legislative Session.

Bill 65-15 | County Charter – Legislative Procedure

I submitted this Bill with a goal of delivering on my promise to increase transparency within our council and government as a whole. I aimed to provide for more time to allow you, our constituents, to provide input and feedback on pending legislation, while only extending the time line for deliberation by about a month. Unfortunately, we faced stiff opposition, and ultimately I withdrew the Bill from the final vote once it became clear that we could not generate the needed votes to pass it. Choosing to withdraw the Bill from final voting allows me to continue to work towards generating the needed votes, rather than letting the legislation die due to the current 40 day life cycle, this very Bill would have extended.

I’m grateful to Council Members Crandall and Marks for their support. I encourage you to continue reaching out to the remaining members of the County Council, letting them know that you support this vital legislation that allows your voice to be heard on so many important issues. You have a right to transparency and a voice, and I have a duty to continue to work towards delivering both.

I plan to reintroduce this Bill, as soon as I am able to deliver the votes necessary to see it succeed.


Thank you so much for your support,