CZMP Public Input Forums hosted by Wade | April 6th & April 13th

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April CZMP Community Input Forums


Councilman Wade Kach will be holding two CZMP (Comprehensive Zoning Mapping Process) community input forums.  The first is on April 6 at Hereford High School for all properties that utilize well and septic systems.  The second is on April 13 at Cockeysville Middle School for all areas served by public water and sewer.


The forums will take place from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Speaker sign-ups will begin at 5:00 pm.  Meeting speakers will be organized around the issue number and grouped for and against.  Speakers sign up times will define the issue call up order. Grouping speakers by issue will allow more concentration of information on each issue.


The meeting priority and goal is to provide as many speakers an opportunity to address Councilman Kach and the community as possible.  Each speaker will be allowed 3 minutes, and the moderator will have discretion to limit both repetition and the number of speakers from a speaker group for or against an issue.  It is suggested that stakeholder groups limit their speakers to 4 per issue.


As usual there are a number of controversial zoning issues in our district.  Wade strongly urges interested parties to attend these forums, speak to their neighbors and help all understand the pros and the cons of each issue on their community.  Also, stakeholders may take this opportunity to commune to discuss issues and possibly even compromise to eliminate a win or lose atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you there.


April 6 Hereford High School

17301 York Rd.,

Parkton Md.  21120

Speaker sign up 5 to 6pm – forum 6 to 9pm
3-004 Hanover Road Association Inc Old Hanover Rd. E of 13944 Old Hanover Rd. and N of 13929 Old Hanover Rd.
3-006 McClure Farm 15330  Tanyard Rd/1649 Belfast Rd
3-007 Kenneth Bullen 118 Mt. Carmel Rd.
3-011 Falls Rd. Community Assoc. North side of Seminary Ave.& Falls Rd –  Grace Fellowship Church.
3-012 Falls Rd. Community Assoc. 12923 Falls Rd. 700′ N of Ridge Rd.
3-016 North County Community Group 19233 Resh Mill Rd. 880′ N of Beckleysville Rd. –Resh Mill Preserve
3-017 Michael L. Snyder 5930 Glenn Falls Rd
3-019 Sparks Glencoe Comm. Planning Council 1337 Phoenix Rd. – Fait
3-020 Sparks Glencoe Comm. Planning Council 560 Quaker Bottom Rd.- Barney
3-021 Sparks Glencoe Comm. Planning Council 501 Belfast Rd. – Turnbull
3-022 Joan S. Wood 12916 Harford Rd.
3-023 Victoria M. Rosellini 5601 Patterson Rd.
3-028 Cunningham Farms LLC 14300-14310 Cooper RD.
3-029 Barbara Shank 1211 Corbett Rd.
3-033 100 Mt. Carmel Road LLC 102 Mt. Carmel Rd.
3-034 Glenn & Ruth Elseroad 5423 Mt. Gilead Rd.
3-035 Moondance Farm 16350 Matthews Rd.
3-036 Merten Douglas Kerr 28 Glenbrook Dr.
3-037 Falls Rd. Community Assoc. 13015 Beaver Dam Rd.  –  Hunt Valley Presbyterian Church
3-038 Richard B. Isaac 14929-15003 Hanover Pike
3-040 Old York Manor Pheasant Hill Estates Community Assoc. End of York Rd. & Sagewood Rd., N of Sunnybrook Rd.
3-041 Glen Arm Properties I LLC 5323 Glen Arm Rd.
3-043 Kach 821 Shawan Rd. –  Hunt Valley Baptist Church
3-047 Kach NE Queensdale Rd.


April 13 Cockeysville Middle School       10401 Greenside Dr., Cockeysville, Md.  21030 Speaker sign up 5 to 6pm – forum 6 to 9pm
3-001 CFV LLC 1625 Bellona Ave, Lots 99-102
3-002 Bomon Properties LLC 5 Old Padonia Rd.
3-003 Marty Kutlik 1521  York Rd.
3-005 Heaver Plaza 1301 York Rd.
3-008 Sherwood Hill Improvement Assoc. 10630 York Rd.
3-009 2205 York Rd LLC 2 Roundridge Rd.
3-010 4 Roundridge Rd. LLC 4 Roundridge Rd.
3-013 Taylor Sparks Center LLC 180-200 Sparks Valley Rd.
3-014 Girish Garg 2411-2413 York Rd.
3-015 David Black 103 Warren Rd.
3-018 Sherwood Hill Improvement Assoc. 10635 York Rd.
3-024 Pediatric Dentistry 2326 York Rd.
3-025 Padonia Village S.C.  A Business Trust 15 E. Padonia Rd.
3-026 Mulhern Linda S Trustee Smith Barbara Jean/Charles A. Trust 2446 York Road
3-027 Springhill Equities 99 Shawan Rd.
3-030 The Greater Timonium Comm. Council 300 W. Seminary Ave.
3-031 Atapco Properties Inc Southeast corner Deerco & Padonia
3-032 Dulaney Valley Improvement Assoc. 1447 York Rd.
3-039 York Plaza Associates LLC S side of Belfast R. 275′ E of York Rd
3-042 Kach 9700 Harford Rd.
3-044 Kach King St. & Old Harford Rd.
3-045 Kach NC  Jomat Ave & Harford Rd. – Carneyland
3-046 Kach 1519 Norman Ave
3-048 Kach 9310 Old Harford Rd.
3-049 Kach 1527 Providence Rd.  Cromwell Park
3-050 Kach NE Warren Rd & York – Town of Cockeysville
3-051 Kach 10540 York Rd – – Town of Cockeysville
3-052 Kach N. Cockeysville Rd. SW of Cockeysville Rd & York Rd – Town of Cockeysville
3-053  to 3-079 Kach All (NC) Neighborhood Commons issues