Dulaney High School circa 1968
Dulaney High School circa 1968


Wednesday, May 24, 2017 – Public Hearing on FY19 Capital Budget –

6:30PM, Education Support Services Building on Greenwood Campus

6901 N. Charles Street, Towson, MD 21204

Dear Baltimore County friends of Dulaney High School,

We need the Board of Education to request planning and design money for a new Dulaney High School in the FY2019 Budget.

I continue to advocate on behalf of the Dulaney community to convince Baltimore County Public Schools and the County Executive to provide necessary funding for a new Dulaney High School.

Built in 1964, Dulaney is in poor condition. Overcrowded and plagued with inadequate facilities, burst pipes, and brown water, current and future students at Dulaney High deserve a facility of the highest standard.

In March, I joined with the Dulaney community and opposed the proposed piecemeal renovation of the existing building. Listening to the voices of the community, the School Board did not approve the project. Since then, the County Executive has unacceptably stripped Dulaney funding from the current budget.

The public hearing on the FY19 budget on May 24 at 6:30 pm covers the budget for the fiscal year after this one. I encourage you attend this hearing to testify and to show your support for a new Dulaney by wearing red.

At the hearing in March, the School Board was moved by the show of support for a new Dulaney building, as opposed to a renovation, by tabling the insufficient renovation plan. I am hopeful that a similarly strong show of support will convince the board to move forward with a comprehensive plan for a new Dulaney High School, which will address both current and future needs.

This hearing is also a chance for other communities in the district to advocate for capital project funding in Baltimore County Public Schools. For those in Hereford, this is an excellent chance to advocate for a much needed second gymnasium. It is also an opportunity for those interested, to advocate for a new Towson High School.

As is always the case where the stakes are this high, public support is vital to in ensuring that our voices are heard and a new school is built. The rejection of the piecemeal renovation of Dulaney High School was a great first step. However, there is much left to do. Ensuring that funding for a new Dulaney High School is included in the FY2019 budget for BCPS is the next important step to ensuring that future students of Dulaney High will benefit from the state-of-the art facility they so rightfully deserve.

If you are able to attend this meeting, I encourage you to show up and make your voices heard. And don’t forget to wear Dulaney RED!

~ Wade