Statement on Governor Hogan’s Veto of “Smoke Screen” Redistricting Bill


I applaud Governor Hogan’s veto of a very weak redistricting bill passed by the Maryland General Assembly during the 2017 Legislative Session. By any non-partisan measure, the state of Maryland is the most Gerrymandered in the United States. It is clear to me that the current method of redistricting does a terrible disservice to the whole concept of representation in a democracy.

A major source of the crisis in public confidence that the voting public has in its elected leaders concerns the issue of adequate representation. Under the current policy, incumbents are protected from reelection by the drawing of districts to exclude members of the opposing party. This has the effect of hardening partisan positions which contributes to gridlock in our politics.

The only way we can make sure that the people we send to Washington, Annapolis, and Towson are representative of the people who live here is to have a nonpartisan process of drawing legislative districts.

The bill that was passed by the General Assembly would have only reinforced the discrepancy between the voting public and elected officials. On so many issues, Maryland has led the nation. So too, it must lead on redistricting reform. The Senate bill was the wrong way to do this. Governor Hogan is right. I urge you to contact your state Senators and Delegates to tell them that you oppose any attempt at overriding the Governor’s veto.