Alert – Neighborhood Solicitors

Below is a message from Officer Arnett of Precinct 7. As she cautions in the email, if you do not want solicitors coming to your door, your community can install no solicitation signs at the entrances to your neighborhood or each individual homeowner can put a “no solicitation” sign on your door.

Hello Community Members,

It has been brought to our attention that some of the communities have experienced door to door sales recently, from a company named Statewise Energy. This company is independent from BGE. Statewise Energy has independent companies that do the door-to-door sales. Statewise Energy did advise that they will launch an investigation into the recent activity in our communities. We would like to remind everyone to not share personal information with anyone, to include bill statements Etc. If someone is soliciting in your neighborhood, they are to have a huckster’s license, (Baltimore County Permit). Your neighborhood can be posted no soliciting. At any time, you are concerned about someone in your neighborhood, please contact 911, so an officer can respond. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Community Outreach Unit, 410-887-1863.

Thank you,

Ofc Jennifer Arnett
Baltimore County Police Department
Cockeysville Precinct
Community Outreach Unit